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In the interest of improving efficiency and occupant comfort, systems are commonly divided up into multiple zones. For example, in a house, the main floor may be served by one heating zone while the upstairs bedrooms are served by another. In this way, the heat can be directed principally to the main floor during the day and principally to the bedrooms at night, allowing the unoccupied areas to cool down.

Carrier Infinity Zoning

Most Powerful Comfort Control: Intuitive and Simple to Use

The revolutionary Infinity Control taps the power of the Infinity System. You'll find unmatched access to every type of environmental control. Remote programming can be added as an accessory. Simply our best thermostat.

Water Furnace Intellizone 2

The IntelliZone2 works in unison with our Aurora controls to provide the perfect temperature in up to six separate zones.

Gone are the days of needing to endure a hot upstairs bedroom or being forced to heat a guest bedroom that's only used during the holidays. Condition where and when you choose for the ultimate in comfort and cost savings.

Honeywell Zoning

Is temperature zoning right for you? Use this list to find out.

Temperature zoning is highly recommended if your home has:
• Multiple levels
• Room(s) with large windows
• Large open areas such as vaulted ceilings or foyer
• Room(s) in a finished basement or attic
• Room(s) with an exposed concrete floor
• An indoor swimming pool or hot tub
• Rooms that are consistently too hot or too cold

Temperature zoning is highly recommended if you:
• Have young children
• Spend most of your day at home
• Have rooms that are used occasionally
• Have occupied rooms in the attic or basement

Arzel Zoning

Your home is the place for you to be completely comfortable. So why do you still find yourself reaching for a blanket to watch a movie? Or turning on your ceiling fan, even when the A/C is on, just to get cool after a day out in the yard?

Most homes, including yours, have areas that suffer because you are asking a single thermostat located in one area to control the temperature in all parts of your home. The thermostat only knows the temperature where the thermostat is actually located! You simply cannot achieve whole home comfort with one thermostat, just like you can't (and don't want to) control all your lighting with one light switch.

Zoning is a control system designed for the way you use your home. With a zoning system, each area of your home is given customized heating and cooling control. Our goal at is to educate homeowners about the benefits of "Zoning" and demonstrate that it can be installed affordably, without disrupting your life.